DELONNAY HOLISTICS is an organization that focuses on human development at various levels. Our primary mission is to empower our patients to transform their whole life into a "statement of good Health" with the choices they consciously make.

In the domain of healthcare, we value the advancement of science and we honor the healing power of Nature. 

We operate in East providence RI and in Haiti.

In Providence Dr. Martine Delonnay specializes in Naturopathic Medicine. She directs the 21 day wellness program. As part of the lay out, Dr Delonnay take the time to discuss thoroughly about your emotional, mental and physical health. Based on your case requirements and in accordance with your comfort, an individualized recommendation plan will be suggested using Nutrition, lifestyle changes approaches, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and others . Specialty tests with companies like Dr's Data and Genova diagnosis are available.

Dr. Brunel Delonnay is a Senior Integrative Medical doctor. He offers care at Delmas 29, Haiti. He is well appreciated for his solid knowledge of the medical science and his abilities to understand everyone in their own life context.

Dr. Claude Jeanty offers hypnotherapy. He provides the tools to create one's own success dynamic. He believes that the path to success is within everyone: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” (Socrates)

We believe that physical and mental ailments are the results of emotional injuries or suppressed emotions (mostly from childhood) in our soul. Revisiting these injuries and allowing them to be expressed (to circulate) will release them and heal the soul. It is greatly beneficial to ask for Divine Love during that process. As the Energy in the soul changes to Love, the physical body heals. Ideally, the use of Medicine is complementary not primordial in the transition to good health.

Divine Love alone is able to heal and cure these injuries at a much faster pace and more effectively by replacing the injuries energy with God's Love's energy.

God's Love transforms lives in a multitude of aspects: Health, happiness, satisfaction, abundance... to name only these.