The skin, mirror of the health.

Posted on September 23, 2018 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (864)

My son was 5 when he was diagnosed with asthma. I was still thinking as an Allopathic Doctor. Actually I should say I had no clue that anything else existed in terms of valuable alternative Medicine. I had already taken some of the USMLE (us medical licencing exam) to be licensed as an MD in the US.

I also considered myself what I call a "well-informed mom". My boys would drink their dairy milk regularly twice a day to strenghten their bones, all vaccines were up to date, Antibiotics at the first sign of otitis, laxatives when they were constipated...

When he turned 3, I got a call from his preschool because he was screaming and cring non stop. He complained of pain in the face, The only thing the teacher reported doin is to have been laying on the bench outside for maybe 20mn. It was in the middle of winter. I went to the school, found him visibly uncomfortable with pink cheeks. I put ice, cold compresses and anything soothing I could find to console him. The next morning he woke up with a puffy face and lesions looking like a second degree burn. We went straight to the ER. All test run were negative. It was a relief but an intrigue at the same time. What could that be? The doctors released us without an answer. 

B has suffered from eczema since he was a baby. The interior part of the elbows, his chest and the back of his knees have been itchy and excoriated with scratching wounds. he was prescribed cortisone cream. The skin looked atrophied  and greyish. Poor little guy. Motivated to find a different solution for his health, I went to Naturopathic school and became an ND. As my education in functional medicine polished, I had a different perspective on what was happening to his health. His immune system was firing up and reacting to various stimuli: dairy, dust, certain other foods...I also evaluated his capacity to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Many other vital parameters were analysed. Before even graduating I created my first skin product. 

I made sure to combine anti inflammatory, astringency, skin regenation and immune modulation in one topical product. His skin was finally nice again. People who knew his skin issues started to notice the improvement. many asked to use my son's product. Successes after successes, I decided to sale. 

Our skin is the reflection of our state of health: nutrition, hydration, rest, toxicity, genetic...In can be improved. Not only with a clean organic salve but also with a neat lifestyle. I would recommend Belpo skin products for almost any skin affections. See your Naturopathic Doctor to support balancing and harmonizing your organ systems and let your skin be the judge on how well you are doing. 

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