Dr. Martine Delonnay ND

Dr. Martine Delonnay is a Naturopathic Physician in the State of RI. She has practiced Conventional Medicine for many years in Haiti. Her integrative background contributes to her outstanding performance assisting her patients with improving their health.

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Visit types and pricing

1- New patient consult:

This consultation may be in person or remote, based on preference or location. It's a 60 mn appointment where we establish a new patient. We discuss about your complaints, medical history, lifestyle, supplements and everything surrounding your health. We have a better understanding of the issues and we may reach a proper diagnosis based on the root cause. Price: $189

2- New patient complete work up:

This is a 120 mn appointment in person. We establish a new patient, discuss about all the health parameters and proceed to the bioenergetic test. It is suitable for individual coming from afar or someone without much time for multiple appointments. Price: $299

3- Bioenergetic test:

Via the quantum organ analyzer, we measure the function or various organ systems, we assess the state of cells, we measure toxicity, allergies, nutrients ant more. It is a great tool to reach a plausible understanding of the changes in an individual's health. Dr. Delonnay have used it for years now to detect, assess and treat a variety of physical and energetic ailments in the body, even when they are not yet problematic. $110

4- Follow ups:

May be 60 to 120mn. Patients book follow up after a minimum of 6 weeks from the initial consult to review supplements, redirect the treatment or read and interpret lab results. When we add the bioenergetic test to reviewing the state of health, it becomes a complete work up. Price: 60mn: $110, 120mn for complete work up: $220

5- Constitutional hydrotherapy:

90mn. This is a detox and anti inflammatory treatment that we perform in office, using a castor oil pack on the liver, an infrared sauna and we alternate of warm and cold towels to the chest and back. It is very relaxing and promote the repair of various systems: immune, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive and so on. Price: $110

6- 30 mn phone call:

For individuals needing a prescription, having few questions or needing a second opinion. Price: $80

Other types of appointments are available, like Ozone therapy, Escharotic treatments, lymphatic drainage with cupping. They require an initial consultation and assessment prior to booking.