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Dr. Martine Delonnay

To work with Dr. Delonnay on your concerns, register to the "21 to health" and benefit from her comprehensive approach. If you'd rather other options, book a phone consult or an in person first visit.. Dr. Delonnay needs to approve any hands-on therapy for new patients.  We offer affordable naturopathic consult for our patient with financial hardship. Use our non-profit Naturopathic Helpline at Returning patients can book a visit below.

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Dr. Brunel Delonnay

Dr. Brunel Delonnay is based in Haiti, at Delmas 29. Feel free to book an appointment for yourself or family in Haiti and contact him at 509 3701-2528 or email at [email protected]

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Dr. Claude Jeanty

The sessions take place at 201 waterman avenue eat providence RI. Book your appointment, you'll be sent a questionnaire to fill out before the appointment.